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CBDT signs first Bilateral APA of FY 17-18, 5 more unilateral APAs inked

CBDT enters into 5 more Unilateral Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs) and 1 Bilateral APA (involving United Kingdom) in the month of June, 2017; APAs signed pertain to healthcare, information technology

Jun 28, 2017

CBDT inks Unilateral APA in ITES dealing with severance compensation

CBDT enters into 1 more unilateral Advance Pricing Agreement (APA) in ITES space; APA addresses the contentious issues arising from reduction & shutdown of captive activities in India and resulting

Jun 28, 2017

CBDT revises APA application form, seeks more details on AEs & parent companies

CBDT amends clauses 3 and 4 of Form No. 3CED (Application for an Advance Pricing Agreement); In addition to name and country of Associated Enterprise (AE) with whom the APA

Jun 19, 2017

India inks one more Bilateral APA with UK, in animation & gaming sector

CBDT signs another Bilateral APA (BAPA) with UK; BAPA signed pertains to animation & gaming sector, accepting TNMM as most appropriate method with very low markup; BAPA signed gives 9

May 26, 2017

CBDT signs 2 new unilateral APAs in software development sector

CBDT enters into two more Unilateral Advance Pricing Agreements (APA) with Indian taxpayers; One of the APAs signed contains a “Rollback” provision; The two APAs pertain to chip design/development of

May 22, 2017

Key takeaways from India’s first ever APA Annual Report (2016-17)

CBDT's first ever APA Annual Report brings into public domain various statistical and qualitative aspects of India's APA programme; Highlights that out of total 152 APAs signed till date, maximum

May 04, 2017